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Request Solutions is an Industry Leader in
Recruitment & Contingent Workforce Service

We specialize in supplying technical and skilled-trades workers to many major sectors of Canadian industries including manufacturing, energy, power & utilities, mining, and transportation.

Whether you are a company looking for new employees or an individual seeking a new career, Request Solutions can give you the added edge you need to fulfill your workforce or employment needs.

Our in-house team of professional recruiters possess an in-depth understanding of industry trends and the manner by which workforce requirements are affected. This allows our staff to successfully create hiring, employment, and training solutions that accommodate the ever-changing needs of our clients and candidates.

Request Solutions is committed to building long term, performance based relationships with a focus on developing effective workforces that fill the current, as well as future needs, of the industries we serve.

With our advanced database structure, we are able to efficiently match
your specific Request with effective Solutions.
Contact us today to make Request Solutions your preferred partner in employment outsourcing.
Ask us about our new Relocation Program for Skilled Trades Professionals to the Western Provinces.